Advanced Midsole Paint Pen (Boost Black)

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ORIGINALAB Advanced Midsole Paint Marker is specially produced to fix yellowish soles, especially on NMD & Ultra Boost. Can also be used to blackout soles.

  • Made In USA, hybridized paint formula
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Works effectively on rubber and boost soles
  • Permanently overlaps and covers affected surfaces
  • Natural finishing close to new (refer to review pictures)
  • 10mm marker tip with special optimised valve system pump action for optimum flow control
  • Easy to use and self-manage (use like a marker)
  • Good for many pairs depending on coverage & shoe size


    1. Shake Midsole Paint Marker well before use
    2. Remove old paint (if any) using ORIGINALAB Deglazer
    3. Apply a thin coat of midsole paint
    4. Allow to dry for 1 hour
    5. Repeat the process with a second coat
    6. Apply more coats if necessary
    7. Apply ORIGINALAB Arcylic Finisher (Matte) as the final protective coat
    8. Allow to completely dry for 48 hours before use