ORIGINALAB Sneaker Freshener Pill

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A pill a day keeps your sneakers smell fresh all day! Effectively remove foot odors and others odor-causing bacteria from sneakers, gym bags and drawers. With the perfect travel size, have the confidence to take off your shoes whereever you are.

To activate the ORIGINALAB Sneaker Pill, twist the capsule open and place it inside your sneakers. There are 3 levels of freshness. Continue to twist the capsule for maxium freshness. To keep the capsule, twist to a closed position to maintain the freshness.

Key Features:

FRESH - Remove bad smell and replace them with a pleasant scent that makes your sneakers smell as though you just bought them!

DRY - Contains Zeolite that absorbs moisture in your sneakers, increasing the lifespan of your sneakers.

EFFECTIVE - Contains antimicrobial medium that effective attacks and eliminate bacteria that traps bad odor within the sneakers.

DURABLE - Long-lasting effect. Keep your sneakers smell fresh for up to 6 months.