Advanced Sneaker Protector

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The ORIGINALAB Advanced Sneaker Protector is specially formulated to create the strongest repellent. Non-aerosol, safe to carry on flights.

Eco-friendly and odourless. It creates a durable & invisible barrier that effectively protects your footwear from rain and stains. Treated surfaces will repel most liquids, making cleaning as easy as wiping with a damp cloth.

Suitable for use on all absorbent materials including Primeknit, Flyknit, Leather, Suede, Canvas and more. Effective use of product will not affect the appearance/color/material stiffness.


  • Spray on clean & dry surfaces
  • Shake well before application
  • Hold bottle upright 6" to 8" away from shoe
  • Spray evenly covering entire area of the shoe. Do not oversaturate
  • Leave to dry/cure before completely before applying a second coating. The longer it cure, the stronger the repellency
  • Recoat whenever necessary